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For over twenty years Astarita & Associates has been considered one of the premiere law offices on
the east end of Long Island providing specialized representation in Criminal Defense and personal Injury cases. Our attorneys are known throughout the courts and our community for their professionalism, determination and personal attention to our clients.  

Our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office that have handled thousands of cases from the County and District Courts of Suffolk County to the East End Town and Village Justice Courts.  When you have been arrested or charged with a crime, the most important decision that you can make regarding your case is who you choose to represent you. It is absolutely vital that you retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney who is experienced and well versed in the nuances within the Vehicle & Traffic and Penal Laws of New York State. When preparing a strategy, many elements must be considered in order to be successful. The venue of a case, prosecutor, Judge, and charge are all elements that need to be assembled and weighed as a whole. It is important for an attorney to have a relationship with the courts in which he or she practices.

To be successful, an attorney must be completely aware of the environment in which they are working. Therefore, we limit our criminal defense representation to the Courts of Suffolk County. During the time that we have worked in the Village, Town, District & County Courts of this jurisdiction we have developed important relationships with the Judges, Assistant District Attorneys, Court Officers, and Clerks of those courts. It is our experience and knowledge of how these courts function that give our clients an advantage in mounting a successful defense for any given case.  In addition, our years of experience, along with our backgrounds as former prosecutors, allow us to be particularly familiar with the prosecutorial process and the prosecution's strategies.

At Astarita & Associates our attorneys have exceptional credentials with outstanding records and distinguished careers, who promise to thoroughly prepare your case, vigorously protect your rights, and work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our firm has continued success while in defending numerous clients at jury and bench trials in the East End and County Courts, satisfying our clients with multiple acquittals and noncriminal verdicts.