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New York DWI/DWAI Car Impoundment

DWI/DWAI charges in New York can possibly lead to incarceration, fines, probation, driver’s license revocation, and car impoundment.  If your car is impounded it is held in state custody until the impoundment period expires and you are allowed to retrieve your car. You may have to pay the impoundment fees out of pocket in order to get your vehicle back.  Because storage space is limited, car impoundment can become expensive.  

Counties have passed car impoundment laws whereby DWI/DWAI offenders, with prior DWI convictions, will have their vehicles impounded and held pending a forfeiture action. However, car impoundment can punish the whole family. If the offender shared a vehicle with other family members, impounding it can create hardship for everyone involved.  If your car has been impounded due to a driving under the influence charge it is extremely important that you hire an experienced DWI/DWAI attorney as soon as possible.

At Astarita & Associates we have vast experience handling DWI/DWAI cases and protecting our clients' rights regarding the impoundment of their vehicle.  As DWI defense attorneys we are particularly familiar with the prosecutorial process and we we will aggressively help you reclaim your vehicle.