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The 20-Day Order

DMV will not issue you a conditional or restricted use license until your DWAI, DWI, Aggravated DWI, DWAI Drugs or DWAI Combined Influence conviction has been entered into the DMV computer (assuming you are eligible for one). As a result, there is usually a delay of 10 to 18 days between the date that the Court takes your license (at sentencing) and the date that you can obtain a conditional or restricted use license.

To get you through this time period, most Courts will grant you a “20-Day Stay Order.” This document lets you keep driving for 20 days from the date that you are sentenced, which allows enough time for the Court paperwork to be entered into the DMV computer.  At Astarita & Associates we have vast experience handling DWI/DWAI cases and are particularly familiar with the nuances of protecting your driving privileges.